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Sep 19, 2019 at 01:39 PM

How to create an User Provided Service from the MTA.yaml (Cloud Foundry)?


I am following the SAP Help ( the MTA.yaml and create a User Provided Service based on that like:

name: service-cf-test
    type: org.cloudfoundry.user-provided-service
        host: ''

Then I refer to it from the NodeJS module and deploy. So far so good.

But in the deployment from the Web IDE I get the following error:

15:30:47 (Provision) Creating a service instance for the 'service-cf-test' resource type is currently not supported.

And eventually the run fails, because it can't bind the NodeJS module to the User Provided Service as it hasn't been created.

Am I missing something or is this temporarily not supported from the MTA.yaml / Web IDE?