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Sep 20, 2019 at 03:35 PM

Fiori Element BOPF Delete Validation/Determination

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Hello Experts and Gurus,

We created a List Report Fiori Element app with CDS Views and BOPF Actions/Determinations and Validations.

Everything is working fine for the Creation Determination (changing the key of our object).

Everything is working fine for the Update Actions (changing some statuses with Header Buttons).

But nothing is working fine for the Delete Validation (checking if the object is used in another table before allowing a deletion).

In every case, we are using the BOPF Tool through Eclipse.

We start the method with a io_read->retrieve BUT in the deletion case, we don't get the object (BO), it is empty with just a et_failed_key filled.

Is it a different way to retrieve the object being deleted in Fiori ?

Or is it not a Validation case and we need to create an Action for that ?

Just to be complete, if we remove the Validation Delete Trigger, the object is deleted normally, the BOPF Delete is working fine.

Any idea or help ?