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Sep 19, 2019 at 03:32 PM

EPM Add-in Show Pane & Context Button Problem


Hi everyone,

I'm using EPM Add-in from 2011 and with SP 35 Patch 2, I see that default behaviour Show Pane & Context button is changed and it is not functional anymore.

Formerly when this button is pressed, the pane keeps hidden or unhidden until the next click from the user. But now it ALWAYS become visible after any sheet or workbook change and I mean with each going back and forth between the excels.

That button was very usefull when there are multiple models in the environment but now it is useless. SAP confirmed that this default behaviour is changed but didn't tell me which version does have this affect so I can go back to that.

Does anybody know this issue and am I the only one finds this change is wrong and unncessary.