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Sep 19, 2019 at 01:19 PM

Adobe form hide text field in flowed subform

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Hi All,

I am relatively new to adobe forms and i am currently working on a production/ shop floor printed form, which display characteristics from a sales order. My problem appears to be a common issue asked by many on google, however having tried all the solutions suggested on the community i am still unable to fix the issue. I am using text fields allowing multiple lines in a flowed sub form. each text field is contained within an individual sub form. If a text field in not populated by the print program i would like to hide the text field and condense the blank space.

I have tried using javascript if(this.rawValue == null){ this.presence = "hidden";} on a number of events such as form:ready or initialized, i have tried also to use the formcalc equivalent, But this did not work either. I am not sure if i am just missing something obvious.

Any help is much appreciated,




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