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Sep 19, 2019 at 10:27 AM

HTTP POST from iOS app


Hello experts,

I would need you to lend me a hand to guide me in the right direction. I will explain my case:

- I created a very simple oData service based on DDIC table and I implemented the Get and Create methods(on-premise).

- I tested the service on SAP Gateway client and HTTP GET and POST are working fine, reading and writing values on the table.

- On SCPms cockpit (Neo), on my app configuration I tested the metadata and I can read it correctly.

- Once created the app for the existing cloud configuration (so far without customisation), at running time on the simulator the app can read the data (Get), but when I tried to add new entity (Create), it appears on the app but is not posted on the SCPms neither on the server.

So that's my problem I can Get from [server - app] but don't know on the other direction, Post from [app - server].

I'll appreciate your help, thanks,

Javier Alonso