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Sep 18, 2019 at 01:01 PM

Opportunity Access Restriction Rule


Dear All,

We have the following scenario regarding the access to see opportunities in different Sales Units from the one assigned to the employee:

For example:

Org Unit 1000 --- USA

Org Unit 2000 ---- Canada

Employee: XX0001 assigned to Org Unit 1000 - USA

We need employee XX0001 to be able to see and edit any opportunities that he owns or is part of the sales team in Org Unit 1000. Then we also want employee XX0001 to be able to Display opportunities in Org Unit 2000 only if he has been added to the sales team on the opportunity.

We have tried different restriction rules on access context 1015 but none seems to provided the results described above.

Any advice and\or information is highly appreciated.