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Mar 31, 2006 at 06:00 PM

Vijay moves into No2 slot...


Another one bites the dust! and just one left in the fray.. But Vijay, be wary, this one is miles ahead.. by the time you reach 10k.. the king may be well past 20k!

as a sidenote.. Points & rankings aside, I always like the replies of Srinivas Adavi.. he is one of the few on the forum who takes pains to analyze, explain & drive home the point.. unlike the rest (that includes me) who just shoot off rapidfire replies..

Ofcourse Rich is on a different plane altogether..

Congratulations Vijay & YES step on the GAS and go after Rich!

Srinivas: Looks like ur busy at work..hope you find some more time for the forum..


Suresh Datti