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Sep 15, 2019 at 01:12 PM

How to communicate (Get/post request) Gateway Server via SMP 3.1 - Android?


[As per SMP 3.0 sdk, after basic auth needs to open store to get/post data to my Gateway server,but in SMP 3.1 SDK needs to generate a Proxy classes for communication]


OnlineODataStore store;
Object mResponseObject = store.executeCreateEntity(mODataEntity, mCollection.toString(), new HashMap<String, String>());

I have been working on SMP 3.1 SDK. I have done research on BasicAuth, its communicating with SMP & generating APP Connection ID.Now i want to get/post a request from my gateway via SMP. How to do that?

I got some information from below image/link but its direct communication via my gateway but i want to do the communication via SMP server.


untitled.png (167.8 kB)