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Sep 12, 2019 at 03:23 PM

Rating based on monthly volume


Hi Experts,

We have a business requirement to rate all the incoming event at the end of the month and price them based on the total monthly volume. According to the SAP standard help document, consumption items will be created using standard API 1FC/POST_CIT_CREATE_PROXY. We have query that whether this API will create consumption item directly into SAP CI from CM (Convergent Mediation)or it will be sent to CC from CM and then CC will sent the unrated consumption items to CI.

We are generating CIC from the consumption item interface of CI and both CIC and Consumption item have same name. Could you please guide, if we need to make any specific setup to deliver this requirement.

Also please advise what mandatory parameters we need to fill in CIC for consumption item generation using 1FC/POST_CIT_CREATE_PROXY. Please help.