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Sep 18, 2019 at 10:31 AM

IDoc to be triggered on SAVE button of QE01, QE02 and QE51N transactions


P.S. I'm new to IDoc topic.

Requirement: I have to trigger the IDoc to another system whenever the content of an inspection lot is changed (new IC added, IC result or comment text recorded in transactions QE01, QE02, QE51N) to update the Work order in another system.

I found out BADI QE_SAVE_ADDON that triggers on SAVE button of QE01, QE02 and QE51N transactions but i don't think it would be the best way as it would trigger the IDOC even if there would be an error while saving the changes. Another challenge is with the segment as the required screen fields (like C result or comment text) are not available in IDOC QALITY01 and QALITY02.

I have heard about NACE configuration but i don't see any application type for Quality management in NACE transaction but there is QC (certificates) application in F4 that needs to be configured that may be used (Not sure!!!)

Any pointers on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


qality02.png (44.1 kB)