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Sep 16, 2019 at 09:47 AM

Mandatory integration EWM-TM in S4HANA (both embedded)


Hi all,

We are setting up a new warehouse using S4 with embedded EWM and TM. As per our requirements, we don´t want an EWM - TM integrated scenario, so in customizing for EWM in "Define Transportation planning type (inbound)" we have chosen "No obligatory planning". Despite of that, the inbound delivery is created with "Transportation planning type = C (Obligatory external planning in TM)".

So, it seems that if you have a delivery which places (or removes) stock in an EWM managed storage location and it has a Shipping point TM managed, that the integration must be mandatory...

Is it ok? Or am I doing some wrong customizing? Have you faced this issue?

Thanks and regards,

Alberto Vizcaíno