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Feb 13, 2017 at 06:07 PM

SAPUI5 Tree table selection after expanding nodes

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Hi All,

I am facing issues with my sap.ui.table.TreeTable control in SAPUI5.When I open Tree table it has to expand all levels and nodes has to be selected depends on ODATA service row Index

1.I am getting index of row from ODATA services and selecting row based on row index using


I have hierarchy of 2 Levels, before selecting I am expanding all the nodes using


Lets say I have 28 nodes including child nodes. only 1 parent had 2 levels remaining all are 1 levels, this 2nd level node starts from row Index 23. So if my OData service is having row index above 23 when I open tree Table It won't be selected. If anything less than this row index it's working fie

2. After Tree table is opened selection is gone once the nodes are collapsed and expanded again. I would like the nodes to remain selected even after collapsing and expanding them.

Or is there any option to don't allow user to collapse nodes?

Could anyone please help me in resolving these 2 issues.


Best Regards,