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Sep 16, 2019 at 02:57 PM

Duplicates in CDS view


I am new to CDS views. I have created one CDS View to get the entries from BSET table joining with ACDOCA table. I am getting entries which are exist in BSET table but the issue is in BSET table, Document number, year, G/L account number and Tax code are same. If BSET table contains more than 1 entry am getting only 1 entry from BSET. I have used DISTINCT key word while selection. But what ever the entries exist in BSET those all are valid and need to display in report.

in BSET if we have 3 entries in CDS view it is repeating 9 entries with same values but I dont want 9 entries.

Please guide me how to get the all entries from BSET.

Please find the attached CDS View. Let me know if any changes in View