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Sep 16, 2019 at 09:31 AM

Need customer feedback on the design change in Reprocess Bank Statement for Bank Statement reversal



I'm from the SAP product management team and my responsible area is the Accounts Receivable.

We recently received a customer request that postings created during the Bank Statement processing should ONLY be reversible again by Bank Statement Apps / Transactions. They observe the problem that currently if another App is used, e.g. Reset cleared items, then the corresponding Bank Statement Item remains completed and can not be reconciled again.

We reckon this as a very valid requirement and after the internal some discussion, finally we have at least two main alternatives how an implementation for this requirement could look like:

  1. A posting done by a Bank Statement transaction can just be reversed by such a transaction. All other reversals shall be blocked. This could also mean that customers face regressions as they are forced to reverse Bank Statement postings in an App as Reprocess Bank Statement Items instead of Reset Cleared Items.
  2. We keep the current options of clearing reversal via the other App. In addition, we enable the App Reprocess Bank Statement Items in that way that if a previously cleared item gets displayed, then we could check if the clearing is still there and was not reversed. But if it was reversed we could open the item and allow a reconciliation. This option seems to be also very flexible but means that the item will ONLY get indicated as uncompleted when it is opened for display.

We'd like to kindly check with you which of the 2 above proposals are preferred from your point of view. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.