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Sep 16, 2019 at 08:13 AM

B2B Addon - XML to X12 conversion issue - missing separators


Dear SAP Community,

we are implementing an EDI scenario, of type IDOC -> SAP PO -> ANSI X12.

On receiver Side, there is an AS2_Receiver Channel. This channel also performes the XML to X12 conversion by accessing the X12ConverterModule. The field separator is "^" (Caret).

Here is the issue: Fields, that are not mapped in graphical Message Mapping (MM) are supposed to cause an additional "^" delimiter as a placeholder in the X12 message. But this is not the case. If a target field contains a value, it's displayed properly, but if its not present in the XML, no "^" is inserted. As a result, all the fields to the right are shifted and the resulting X12 message is useless!


This is the target Message in ESR, segment ITD from ANSI Invoice (810):

... this is the expected x12 message (generated manually with XML to X12 converter tool in B2B Cockpit):

... but this is the actual resulting X12 message:

--> As you can see in the above examples, the "^" separators from the not-mapped fields are missing. The validation on receiver side fails.

Has anyone seen this kind of error before and knows how to solve this??

Thanks and best regards

René Preß