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Sep 13, 2019 at 07:55 PM

SRM Contract Replication ot backend



- I have implemented below two badis, but I am not getting results. Below is how the badi is called for Contracts.

BBP_DETERMINE_LOGSYS - Called on Create button, not on Release button

BBP_CTR_BE_CREATE - Not called on Create neither Release

- Also the BADIs are not called for Edit and Release.

- it shud be based on some data right, first of all we dont have data then how can we determine the logical system and

- secondly, even if we do, it could be over written later since the BADI is not called on Relaese action...

- its not supposed to have any data then why does it have items table first method

- The first method DETERMINE_LOGSYS (probably meant for shopping cart) is called for Contracts, second method

CONTRACT_LOGSYS_DETERMINE is not called at all.

Please help me to understand the above points and give any sample implementation coding and details if possible.

thank you in advance.