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Sep 11, 2019 at 12:14 PM

C4C: How to add a new column to a OWL (e.g. COD_Quote_OWL)

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Hi there,

I have now a problem with extenstion in C4C world.

My task is to add a new column to the list in COD_Quote_OWL. The new column is the product description of the quote . If there are more than one products in this quote then just take the first one.

Actually I was able to define the new extension field by creaing Bussines Object Extension, and to add the new field as new column into the COD_Quote_OWL.OWL.xuicomponent as well. This new column called "Produkt" can then be displayed in Frontend (s. Screenshot).

I tried to fill this field using event like AfterModify or BeforeSave. But it didn't work. This new column is totally empty.

I also tried to use debug and breakpoints to analyse this issue. But it turned out, that the programm was stopped at NONE of those breakpoints .

Could anyone give me a hint or suggestion?

How can I gerenaly add new column to the list in OWL? How can I fill the value to this new column.

Thanks in advance



newcolumn.png (24.1 kB)