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Sep 16, 2019 at 10:53 AM

BW Trancofmation - calculate 0BALANCE


Hello Experts,

We are using SAP BW NW7.3. We use the content cube 0PCA_C01 that has key figures 0DEBIT, 0CREDIT and 0BALANCE. 0DEBIT/0CREDIT are the movements in the fiscal period. 0BALANCE is the YTD total of 0DEBIT+0CREDIT. The data are extracted from ECC using datasource 0EC_PCA_1 that already contains all these key figures.

Up until now all the data were being imported from ECC using the extractor above. But now we need part of the data (plans) to import from a third party datasource. There is only debit and credit in the third party datasource - no YTD balance. Is there a simple way how to calculate it in the transformation? There are quite some queries built on the cube that I would prefer not modifying.