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Sep 13, 2019 at 05:50 PM

Can deductions be posted to cost distribution company code?


Hi Everyone!!

We have few employees who reside in one company code but they have a cost distribution 100% going to other company code. We store this cost distribution on the employee position level, and not in IT 0027. But as per standard SAP when we use the posting program RPCIPE00 it only posts wages/earnings to the cost distributed company code/profit center based on the override cost center combination from CSKS table. The deductions & Taxes remain in the master company code. But our FI business requirements say that even deductions also to be posted to the over ride company code/profit center, is this setup possible using the standard configuration?

I see a new node under Posting to Financial accounting "New General Ledger: Distribution of liabilities according to expenses" here if I activate the cost distribution by selecting "Distribution of liabilities according to expenses" and group the deduction wage types to a earning wage types and activated the XCODI function but still the deductions are posting to master company code but the profit center is based on the override cost center so getting an error "No postings can be made to profit center XXXX in company code XXXx"

Can any let me know if this is above method is the standard way or should be go for an enhancement?

Thank you!