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Sep 12, 2019 at 09:43 PM

HANA Cloud Foundry trial hdispacedeploy creation failing



I have created a new SCP trial account in Cloud Foundry and created a HANA instance. I have then created new application from template (SAP Cloud Platform Business Application). Build CDS worked fine. Now when building the HANA db, the build fails with:

07:37:14 (HDB) Build command failed : failed to prepare payload on pre build stage: service hdispacedeployc8a4f663-15b9-43f7-bff9-cc65923b5736 is not valid: failed install hdispacedeployc8a4f663-15b9-43f7-bff9-cc65923b5736 application: Failed to execute install command: Failed to execute install command: failed to set delete service : Row not found

As this is a new trial account, it is trying to provision the hdispacedeploy service, however, for some reason it can't. Is this a current issue with the trial acount? Is there any other way to provision the hdispacedeploy application manually?