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Sep 12, 2019 at 07:38 AM

Time and Material - T&M Project/Order Scenario



I have scanerio of T&M Project. Sales order have only one line item e.g. Construction of Building and For the same Different cost rate and revenue rate has been aggred for different resource, so,I need to maintain Revenue Rates for Billing against resources. Where and how we need to manatian , experts plz guide. Will not create multiple items in sales order.


Sales order line item - 10 - Construction of Building

Resources. Cost Rate. Revenue Rate

Labour-1. 50. 55

Labour-2. 60. 68

Labour-3. 70. 79

Labour has been created as activity type, cost rate in KP26, actual qty and actua amount is getting in debit memo request.

But billing should done on actual qty and revenue rate.

Plz guide