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Sep 11, 2019 at 10:25 AM

ASE Job Scheduler Status and issue



I've got and issue on a ASE server. No scheduled jobs can run now, I'm sure that after a ASE stop/start the scheduler runs again for some days. But I would like to know what cause this issue.

If I try with:

exec sp_sjobcontrol @name=NULL,@option="stop_js"

no ends, it runs endless

If I try with:

exec sp_sjobcontrol @name=NULL,@option="start_js"

it ends immediately without errors but, in any case, no scheduled jobs can start.

From command:

sp_sjobhelp @option='list,all_users,running'

I can see:

sjob_runid sjob_state sjob_start sjob_user_req sjob_server sjob_spid sjob_id job_name sched_name sjob_user_run sjob_short_message sjob_long_message ----------- ---------- ------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------- ----------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1622863 C1 2019-09-09 19:00:01.806 sapsa NVP 453 389 SAP_JOB_DMPDB_20180926121213 SAP_SCHEDULE_DMPDB_20180926121213_1 sapsa (NULL) (NULL) Execution time: 0.188 seconds

so I try with:

sp_sjobcontrol @name='runid=1622863', @option='terminate'

but no ends :-(

Have you got any idea?

Thank you.