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Sep 11, 2019 at 09:41 AM

SAP Hana Express SP 04 - sap.gantt.simple.GanttRowSettings BUG


Hi all.

I have a problem with Hana Express SP 04 and the supported library 1.60.4 inside Fiori Launchpad Module.

The SAPUI5 version 1.60.4 and the Controll sap.gantt.simple.GanttRowSettings have an error in the internal method _invalidateInnerGanttIfNeeded.

When I nav back to a previous application or I try to nav back to Fiori Launchpad Home a internal error appears :

The object r.getParent().getParent().getInnerGantt() is null and Fiori Launchpad give me a critical error.

I have checked SAPUI5 at version 1.69 (the latest avaible) and the internal method is different :

How can i fix this problem?

Is it possible to load a higher version of the libraries to 1.60 from Hana Express inside my Launchpad Module?

Thank's Andrew.


1604.png (71.9 kB)
image-4.png (7.9 kB)