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Sep 10, 2019 at 02:43 PM

Putaway strategy P limitations


Hi guys,

I'm running into an interesting issue that I'm struggling to tackle in one of our warehouses. We have pallets coming from all over the world, and Australia in particular has very oddly shaped pallets. A section within the racking can hold up to three Euro pallets or two Australian pallets. Additionally, we can mix and match what pallets we put there- i.e. 1x Euro pallet and 1x Australian pallet.

Now if we just created three bins for the pallets, there will be cases when 2x Australian pallets take up all 3 bins, or even 1x Australian and 1x Euro.

Putaway strategy P almost addresses the issue. It works perfectly if the first pallet we goods receipt is an Austrlaian one - in that case the system will only propose two sections, one for the first Australian pallet, and one for whatever other pallet we goods receipt. However, we still run into scenario where if we put in a euro pallet first, it will tell us to put two more pallets in the two remaining sections, as there are 3 sections for Euro pallets - but our second pallet might be an Australian pallet will take up both of the sections of the bin.

See my beautiful illustration attached:

Any ideas on how to tackle this issue, or is this a job for a user exit?