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Sep 10, 2019 at 12:39 PM

Cascading Filter in SAP Analytical Desiner


Hi Experts,

I have added two widgets (Dropdown filter ) in my Analytical Application say - Customer Type and Customer ID.

My requirement is when I select Customer type say "ABC" then all the customer ID related to "Customer type = ABC" should only be visible to me in the dropdown filter - Custonmer ID. Please let me know how to achieve it.

Below is the current implementation done by me but i am not able to do cascading effect.

Currently I have initialized both the dropdown filters in onInialization() method of Canvas to fill it with master data available in backend.

onInitailzation() Method : To fill dropdown filters with master data

For Customer Type:

var i=0;

var customerType = Chart_1.getDataSource().getMembers("Customer_Type");

for (i=0;i< customerType.length; i++) {



For Customer ID:

var j=0;

var customerID = Chart_1.getDataSource().getMembers("Customer_ID");

for (j=0;j< customerID.length; j++) {



And then I added a code in dropdown filter onSelect() method to pass the selected key by the user to the global variable VAR_CUSTOMER_TYPE and VAR_CUSTOMER_ID.

onSelect() method Dropdown 1 and Dropdown 2:

VAR_CUSTOMER_ID = dropdown_1.getSelectedKey();

VAR_CUSTOMER_TYPE = dropdown_2.getSelectedKey();

And in the last , I created a button - Apply Filter and on click of that applying filters to all charts :