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Sep 10, 2019 at 09:46 AM

Custom crosstab in Lumira Designer 2.2


Hi Experts,

I've been asked to format a crosstab according to some requirements.

To achieve these requirement I'm using a css file and, for the first requirement that is to change the color of some rows it's working.

The second requirement is to wrap the text in the dataArea for some of the rows. What I've found out, although hasn't worked for me, is the sentece (please look the first row of the attached image):


Another requirement is to underline each row of the crosstab. I mean, to mark in bold the bottom of each row. I don't know how to do this in case it would be possible. This is something like the lines which appear in each row of the attached image.

And finally, I need to hide the name of some key figures of the crosstab. For instance, my key figures are in the rows and the period dimension is the columns. Please, see the attached image. The row second and third row are without the name of the key figure.

Could somebody help me??

Thanks a lot.



captura.png (5.8 kB)