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Sep 06, 2019 at 02:30 PM

Can change the foreign curr. reval postings to the debit/credit of AR/AP's open items?

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Hi Gurus,

I am looking for a way to post the unrealized gain/loss on B/S adj to the debit/credit side according to vendor/customer accounts debit/credit side of their open items. Not sure if this could happen.

Now standard config result is that if there is a gain or loss in foreign currency valuation of AR/AP's, the unrealized gain / loss will post to debit / credit of the OBA1 B/S Aju account.

Like my example, other receivables has an open item of credit 100 CNY (115.6 HKD local currency) in Sep (e.g. a deduction to our customers). During Sep month end, to revalue it as per rate of 1.14. So there is a 1.60 HKD unrealized loss posted to credit side of B/S adj 12219 account. Next month ( Oct ), we reval it per rate 1.6, so there is 1.00 HKD unrealized gain to B/S adj 12219 on debit side. ( All good, all standard, if only life were so simple. )

So there is this question, can we make this 1.00 HKD unrealized gain to the credit side of the 12219 , so we can pair it with the credit of open item in other receivables?

Same applies to debit open items of receivables: all unrealized gain and loss on the Dr. side.

And to Dr. / Cr. open items of payables: all unrealized gain and loss on the Dr. / Cr. side.

Thanks a million!



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