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Sep 06, 2019 at 06:07 AM

Bex Line item total not equal to Bex Total output


Hi Experts,

I would like to ask if you have a suggestion on how to resolve the challenge I am encountering BEX total output.

The Original Requirement is to display the data of Sales, Delivery and Billing in the report as one line item.

The current scenario is that multiple ADSOs are joined in one composite provider to display the data

Originally, the report will repeat the values one SO if there are multiple DO in one Material. For example, FG000812 has 2 DO. The report will then show SO Qty = 2000 in the 2nd line. The users do not want that scenario since it is confusing and so a logic was placed in the back end where SO Qty will only be displayed in the first line item but will display 0 values for the succeeding items.

New Requirement:

The users now want to break down the SO Qty where it will be equal to the value of DO per line item. In the example for Material FG000812, the first line item should now be equal to 1500 and the second line item should now be equal to 500. If there are any SO Qty that has not yet been delivered, this should be shown in a separate line item in the report.

In order to address the requirement, I made a new ADSO where the total SO Qty will be deducted by the total DO Qty. The key of this new ADSO is only SO No and Material.

I then made a union with the original Composite Provider with the new ADSO. Since the new ADSO does not contain any DO No or SI No in the data, it will create a new line item with the union design. I then made a logic in the report if the DO Qty = blank, result = total SO Qty - total DO Qty else, result = DO Qty.

The changes I applied now displays the correct value for the requirement of the user for each line item. However, the issue that I am encountering with this design is the totals are not including the values that have a delivery for a material but the material in the SO has not yet been fully deliver.

Example: Total SO Qty = 1000. SO Qty has 1 material with delivery 1 = DO Qty = 500 and the same material has Unassigned DO No for the remaining SO Qty. The total will only show 500.