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Sep 11, 2019 at 10:35 AM

Proxy scenario in SAP CPI to connect SAP ERP/CRM systems


Dera All,

In our landscape, we are designing an interface where on each save, SAP CRM system will push data to SAP CPI. SAP CPI system will further process the received data in the Iflow.

SAP CRM is expecting a WSDL with complete field information from SAP CPI to create consumer proxy. A WSDL is generated in eclipse tool with required message structure. An Iflow is created with sender SOAP channel and the generated WSDL(via eclipse) is imported as service definition in it. CPI WSDL endpoint is created after deploying the flow. The generated CPI WSDL is successfully tested via SOAP UI where the WSDL is consumed and message structure is reflected properly.

When the same WSDL is used for proxy generation in SAP CRM system, I am getting library handler errors. After making manual corrections in SOAP Action and policies of CPI WSDL, we were able to import the WSDL in SAP CRM. I would like to understand/clarified below points

  1. Is this the recommended approach for Proxy scenarios in SAP CPI since CPI provides them as web-services
  2. Do we need to create WSDL explictly(eclipse like tool) to expose the message structure. Is there any standard way of exposing message structure from SAP CPI in the CPI WSDL files
  3. SAP suggestion/recommendation for the proxy scenarios in SAP CPI to connect with SAP systems. (i.e. Proxy scenarios similar to SAP PI/PO and SAP systems)

Your guidance is highly appreciated to design our integration strategy.

Thanks for your support.