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Mar 31, 2006 at 10:48 AM

Update table view on screen


Dear all,

I have made a bsp application according to the mvc model.

Delta handling is selected in the controller.

I am using a table view control to display an internal table with 5 columns and one of them is an input field which is defined as a checkbox in the iterator.

Above the table view there is a button which must deselect all checkbox-input fields in the table view.

At first, when table view is filled initially all checkboxes are set to 'X'. When selecting the button, all checkboxes are cleared in the 'do handle event' of the controller. Everything ok untill now.

When manually selecting a checkbox and again pushing the button the checkboxes are not cleared on the screen. But in the background the field is cleared.

When deactivating the delta-handling, the problem is solved but I want to use delta-handling.

Does anyone now how to update the table view on the screen so that changes are not only made in the background but also on the screen?

Thanks in advance.