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sizing SRM 5.0 SLD with XI - hardware

Hi guys this is still a topic,

we need to perform a release upgrade from SRM 2.0 with EBP 3.5 towards, I guess SRM 5.0 with EBP X.x

can somenody share insights in how to set up the system landscape for SRM 5.0.

so far we've got SRM Server, ITS and Requisite on seperate machines.

Is it right, that in SRM 5.0 I have the following components:

1. srm server with integrated ITS

2. CCM 2.0

3. catalog search engine (TREX?)

4. Catalog Authoring Tool

5. XI

Is TREX compulsory or can I do without?

Some questions:

Has someone the Enterprise Portal involved? if so, what do you use it for?

Can I have XI and SRM Server running on one host with WAS ABAP and J2EE - or better seperated?

Does TREX require its own host? or can i put all catalog related components on one machine?

Are there some charts available for example landscapes?

thanx a lot, regards,


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2 Answers

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    Apr 13, 2006 at 08:20 AM

    Hello Matthias,

    CCM 2.0 is composed by 2 sub components:

    - CAT (Catalog Authoring Tool)

    - CSE (catalog search engine)

    TREX is mandatory for CSE. TREX is the indexation and search engine. You can't do without it.

    Single host or multi host installation is a question of sizing and performance, so there is no classic answer or algorythm.

    You have to now that single host installation avoid the use of XI for certain scenarios (catalog publishing...).

    To understand the use of each component, I invite you to read the SRM 5.0 master guide.

    SAPNet, alias instguides --> mySAP Business Suite solutions --> mySAP SRM --> SRM server 5.5.

    Here you will find architecture diagram examples.

    There is also an upgrade guide.


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      hi christophe,

      if i am informed rightly, XI is an optional component in srm 5.5 Please correct me if i am wrong.

      If in the case, without XI... how can catalog upload be established?

      In our case (currently on srm 2.0) the catalog is being updated from MM sytem to requisite. A txt file is generated, and then imported in emerge of requisite.

      But i guess in zhe case with CCM 2.0 you still can have the Backend MM System which contains master data, which again flows into the catalog.

      This brings about <b>2 questions</b>:

      <b>1)</b> So if, like in our case, the master data server for the catalog is MM System - don't I need XI between MM and CCM Systems then?

      <b>2)</b> Taken SRM 5.5 as it is - how is the catalog upload and publishing and extraction achieved without XI?

      thanx once more, matthias

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      Message was edited by: Matthias Kasig

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    May 25, 2006 at 08:42 PM

    Actually I'm assigned as technical quality manager for a large enterprise (Cantv) for the telecom's segment located in Venezuela. The customer has shut down the initial EBP 3.0 and now is going to start a new projects for SRM 5.0 with the business scenario Operation Procurement - Self service procurement & SAP CCM 2.0. After research over several locations in our marketplace, I didn't more information about some topics, so, I' ll appreciate further information about it like:

    1.- For XI sizing, what parameters do I have to take in consideration to do it ?? Is there any manual or document that guide how to size the XI component for SRM environment ? Can I use the actual XI platform (resize) or it's recommended to have a separate instance ?

    2.- The TREX that appear below, can be the same of the portal ?? Or do we need to install another trex instance ???

    3.- The natural communication between EBP & the backend (here is R/3 47Xx200) is via idocs, however, why it's not done via XI ???

    If you are not able to answer these questions, i'll appreciate if you may forward these to someone in the organization that can provide us some clues.

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