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Sep 09, 2019 at 08:58 AM

Fiori Elements: List Report - Button for Intent Based Navigation disabled


Hello All,

I am trying to declare a local annotation in Fiori List report application. The button on the toolbar should navigate me to an other application.

I am using the annotation DataFieldForIntentBasedNavigation using the semantic object and action and a label.I am able to see the button but it is getting enabled only after selecting the line item. I want this to be enabled irrespective of line selection.

As per the documentation, I tried setting the property 'RequiresContext' as well. When I set this to 'false', I am not seeing the button. If I set the property to 'true' or if I remove the property, I can see the button but its disabled till we select the line item.

Please suggest me if I am missing something here. Attached the screenshots for reference.


disabled.png (39.6 kB)
enabled.png (41.9 kB)