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Sep 07, 2019 at 05:25 PM

PO 7.50 BPM message collector does not start



I have a BPM to collect invoic IDOCS.

The BPM is set up as using the same message trigger for start event and intermediate message event.

I set the condition of the start event just to "true".

Upon first reicipt of an IDOC one field is mapped against a correlation ID data object.

The condition of the intermediate event is set according to compare the content of that field for each new incoming IDOC with the correlation value inside my correlation ID data object.

I would assume that for each new IDOC the BPM engine first tries to match the specific correlation logic of the intermediate event, and if that does not match just starts a new process using the start event.

That would be the behavior I would find logical and which is needed.

But the BPM engine does just nothing.

The message sent to BPM engine is green and deliverd, but there is no BPM instance triggered.

If I get rid of the intermediate event, everything is fine, and I can find my process instance, so it seems not to be a general problem.

Any Ideas?



Start Event

Intermediate event


bpm-1.png (39.4 kB)
bpm-start-ev.png (54.6 kB)
bpm-int-ev.png (56.3 kB)