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Sep 11, 2019 at 02:18 AM

Leonardo IoT rules with aggregation level of 1 min or less



Business scenario : If the vehicle is overspeeding only for 1 sec - then its not considered as overspeeding because the vehicle might just be overtaking another one.

However, if the vehicle is driving continiously at high speed - then its considered as overspeeding vehicle..

How can we configure the following rule : If the speed of the vehicle is more than 50km/ph for last 1 min -- then trigger a rule

I cant configure a streaming rule as it checks only only that instant value.

This may fit with with the scheduled rule - but we have a limitation.. The minimum window of aggregation is 2 min !!
So it is very much possible that the vehicle overspeeds for a good 90 seconds and then reduces the speed -- and then this event will never be detected !

Question :

  1. How can we configure such a rule ?
  2. Can we reduce the aggregation period to less than 2 min ?