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Sep 08, 2019 at 07:33 AM

item category


for main and sub item example

main item TAN and sub item TANN i am trying both item are return.

i am maintain item category in vov4 as RE+NORM+BLANK+BLANK= REN and


in copy control F2 to RE maintain item proposal is TAN=REN AND TANN=RENN and for copy requirment as 303 copy all item

when i am creating return document in va01 reference from billing document the system pick for main item REN and also pick up for sub item REN

if i am maintain in vov4 RE+NORM+BLANK+BLANK=default REN and manual RENN then system pickup RENN for sub item

my question is that in vov4

RE+NORM+BLANK+REN =RENN is already maintain so why system not pick up this directly why i am maintain in vov4 in manual as RENN

give solution for that if any one know

And also any one explain what is higher level item category and its uses