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Sep 07, 2019 at 02:47 AM

Issue while accessing the Cloud Build generated apk on Mobile with authentication.


Hi All,

We are working on SAPUI5 Offline Application. We are using SAP Mobile Services Cloud Build to generate the apk to access it on mobile. I followed all the steps to generate the apk and it was successfully generated, i can see the cloud results in the SAP Web IDE, and installed the apk on my device by scanning the QR-Code.

The Issue i am facing here is, related to the Authentication. From the customer side, they enabled the Trust on the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. So all the application deployed in the sap cloud platform,will access the back end(Data Source) via the Trust.

If i change the,

->Trust Configuration Type as default , it expects the SAP Cloud Platform-ID(S-User ID) .

-> Trust Configuration Type as Custom, it expects the authentication via back end user id.

To get the data, the Configuration type need to be set in Custom Type. But when i try to run the application in Mobile i get the below error message. Where i need to make a change to work this application.

Error Message in Mobile Service Cockpit event log is:

The user was authenticated name DXXXXXXX but the APPCID belongs to user SXXXXXX.

Thank you,




trust.png (40.4 kB)