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Sep 03, 2019 at 07:27 AM

Urgent! Help on MMPI Error "Some material master records are locked."


Please read the details below and kindly support to resolve the issue.

We proceed MMPI to reopen the previous period but it shows the error "Some material master records are locked. As a result, initialization is not possible"

This is not in the testing system but active system under 100.

We limited all user ID accesses to the system deleting all histories showed in SM12 when we do the MMPI except BACKJOB and IF user. Since this is under 100, not in the sandbox, we were concerning to delete all of them.

We also refer the notes no.487381 and 1082841 and followed all conditions of it.

No September material ledger occurred yet until tomorrow in the morning 6:30am, so we need to resolve this issue before then to meet the requirement of 'No Material Ledger Active' to reverse the period. Please carefully read the step that we did and advise the solution ASAP.

1. Issue: Next period fiscal year opened earlier (MMPV)

2. Issue Details - September 2019 period opened via MMPV though there are monthly closing tasks of CO module for the July 2019 left, - Closing tasks for July 2019 are not allowed since the period of September 2019 is opened already. - Incomplete T-CODE of closing tasks for CO module in July 2019: CO88, CKMLCP

3. Required Solution: Reopening period of July 2019 to complete remained closing tasks

4. Current Situation: No production, material, sales transaction occurred yet (Plant in US is on holiday until September 2, and will be resumed its operation at 6:00am on September 3)

5. Tried Solution: we referred the direction according to this URL:

"In step 5 below, there was a system error occurred as I mentioned above. so, we could NOT keep going to step 6, 7, and 8."

"Before proceeding step 5 below, we limited all user ID accesses to the system deleting all histories showed in SM12"

① Go to TCode SU01 (see OSS NOTES 487381)

② Choose "change" tab with your logging Name

③ Choose "Parameter" tab give Parameters MMPI_READ_NOTE with date format as YYYYMMDD (e.g: today 20180218) Step


⑤ Go to T-code MMPI Step

⑥ Open the old periods which you want to post into, Note: The period opening will be valid for only for the particular day only.

⑦ Complete the posting you want to reverse or add

⑧ Go to MMPV to close the periods