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Sep 04, 2019 at 05:39 PM

Storage locations (ROD & AFS) setup in EWM S4 Hana 1809


Hi All,

We are implementing S4Hana 1809 to the client.

Now are at deciding the customer enterprise structure.

From EWM standpoint, we need to map Plant and SLoc to Warehouse number(S4) and also Availability Group we need to setup

Now my question here is about storage location.

Customer wants 4 Locations 1. Managing FERT materials, 2. Managing ROH materials 3. Production Supply area, 4. Packaging Materials.

I know we can work with 1. ROD and AFS locations or 2. without ROD, only with AFS with F2 stock type.

Which is the best option to propose. Is there any challenge or drawback if we work with only AFS(F2 Stock type).

Before we propose I want know the differences/advantages or disadvantages of these to explain to the customer clearly.

Please help me to understand and the best possible option with reason.