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Sep 03, 2019 at 06:58 PM

eDocument for Chile


Hi everyone:

I need your guidence to solve following problem.

I'm working with a client whom will activate eDocument (basic solution) for Chile. The system is in SAP_APPL 617-10 wich means is not working according last actualizations. I'm applying the notes mentioned in the following documents: - "Installation Guide for eDocument July 1 2019". - "2030855_E_20190827-eDocument Chile instalation overview".

The problem is in note "2280156 - eDocument Chile: XML Preview implementation for eDocuments", that asks modify class "ZCL_EDOCUMENT_CL_AIF_CONNECTOR", but that object doesn't exist.

Somebody knows how to create class "ZCL_EDOCUMENT_CL_AIF_CONNECTOR" or the SAP note that creates it?

Best Regards