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Sep 02, 2019 at 09:41 AM

How to integrate the PS and PP module to get the live costing as per WBS ?

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Hi Sapians,

I need an expert advice and it will be rewarded as well !!!

Currently we are working in SAP HANA and my company wants to see the live cost monitor and control.

Brief explanation about the current system :

1. We have only 1 major WBS for (Turbine) in the project structure against which all P.O and Prodcution order is released. So when we try to get the cost of the product we are not able to get in the Structured manner.

2. The Design BOM is issued at Turbine (WBS) level in CS73 and it is getting converted into Production for exectuion.

3. Since the WBS level is not equal to the design BOM so we are not able to get the cost by sub assembly wise.

TO BE Process -

1. I want to link my PS structure to Design and PP structure so that material will be assigned each WBS.

2. Budgeting and release will be done in CJ40, CJ30 with the new project strucutre.

2. While P.O and Production Order Release, account assignment will be the respective WBS.

3. Since account assignment is taken care in the same fashion so the cost will so in the WBS structure.

Problems :

1. Shall i go for creating template with Activity or only with WBS

2. Will the Raw Material which is siting at the lowest level can be moved to parent WBS to perform the finshed goods operation.

3. How to match the Project WBS Structure to Design Structure so that they will release the material at each WBS level.

Please suggest solution for the above issue.