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Sep 04, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Single Invoice for Normal and 3rd Party item


Dear Experts,

I have the following scenario.

1. Sales order (OR) with 2 line items. One the normal TAN and the other one 3rd party TAS

2. For TAN line item, OBD (L2) and PGI is complete

3. For TAS line item, PO is created, MIGO and MIRO is complete

Now the requirement is to have a single invoice (F2) to have both line items. Thanks to the previous threads on TAS in SCN, I managed to generate an invoice via VF01 by adding SO and OBD number, however there is an error log that states the TAN of OR cannot be billed with F2. How do I ensure that, OR to F2 copy control only considers TAS line item?

Furthermore, The invoice creation in business happens via batch job and ideally, if MIRO and PGI was done on the same day, then we can expect a single invoice. on contrary, if PGI for TAN is still due and MIRO for TAS is complete, then the invoice is generated for TAS. how can i customize in copy control to process invoice only when the OR is completely delivered?

Thanks you.