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Sep 03, 2019 at 05:07 AM

Predict Customer Order - Data analysis and prediction - IDEA


What is it : I have a business scenario where we create around 2000 sale orders a day . I am trying to develop a program/module which predicts the customer orders , analyzing the frequency of orders a customer has made in the past.

For example, a customer places an order for product "P001" every week 1000 nos, and "P002" bimonthly 500 Nos , it should predict what this customer might order the coming week.

What's the benefit ? : We have a tele-sales team who calls the customer and take their orders. If they already have this information with them , it is easy for them to get the orders . Also it helps to give offers and promotions.

What I am looking for : BRAINS

What I have : VBAK ,VBAP.