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Sep 05, 2019 at 02:45 AM

ABAP Add-On Deployment Certification, can I have AAK for free?


We are SAP Partner and involved partnerEdge for Build.

Now we have developed a ABAP program and want to apply for ABAP Add-On Deployment Certification.

In the above document, it mentions that

Please follow these steps in order to complete ABAP Add-on Deployment Certification:

  • Acquire an SAP application developer user license,either Application Developer User or NetWeaver Developer User*
  • Register your unique namespace on SAP Service Marketplace
  • Develop the ABAP add-on in your registered namespace
  • Subscribe to the SAP ABAP Service Package granting access to the Add-on Assembly Kit as well as one ABAP certification per year for free.
  • Sign an ABAP certification agreement for the Add-on you wish to certify

Can I have the AAK as well as one ABAP certification for free?