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truly protect the contents of a PowerDesigner data model diagram

We have a number of diagrams we publish for business and technical users. We'd like to lock these down so that no matter which end user has opened the model (and which preferences they have set), the diagram doesn't change unless someone specifically chooses to unprotect it and make changes. We have tried selecting all the objects on a diagram, then choosing Symbol, and then Protect. What we find is that the content and presentation of these diagrams gets changed to match the settings and/or preferences of the user who most recently saved the diagram. We want to stop that.

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  • Hi George,

    What we’ve observed is we’ll layout and format the symbols on the diagram as we want them to be, protect all the symbols on the diagram, and save the model. Everything looks as expected. When another user with different settings related to object presentation opens the model and then saves the model, the objects are altered to be presented based on their defaults, but remain “protected” (can’t be individually selected). So we end up having to reformat our subject area diagrams repeatedly.

  • That is very strange - have you raised it with SAP Support?

  • Not yet, George. I figured I'd try this portion of the site first.

2 Answers

  • Posted on Sep 10, 2019 at 11:00 PM

    You can check in the models to repository. Set up Powerdesigner Portal Server.

    Only give user connection right to access the repository.

    When the user login the portal server, he or she can only views the model.

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    • Hi Phillip,

      We're a large enough enterprise that we have several teams of modelers, and there are different standards for the display of models based on the various lines of business supported. We'd like to move towards a single standard, but that will take time. These modelers have a legitimate need to consume our models, so restricting their access is not a workable solution.

  • Posted on Sep 12, 2019 at 03:49 PM

    Please open a ticket with SAP so we can verify the problem

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