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Aug 28, 2019 at 09:52 AM

Prefixing ‘.’ dot in xml files before functions



The doubt is on prefixing ‘.’ dot before function names in XML and js files.

The XML code in App.xml is

  • 1)<Button type="Emphasized" text="Find Movies" press=".onPress"/>
  • 2)<Button type="Emphasized" text="Find Movies" press="onPress"/>

Sample 1 is with “.” dot before onPress and 2 without dot.

In the App.controler.js code is

onPress: function () {"Searching..." );


In both instances the XML code works.

So what is the significance of adding ‘.’ Dot before function name is XML?

Is it only to denote that it is a private function?

So without ‘.’ Dot, does that mean it is a public function?

If public function, what will be the scope of the function