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Aug 27, 2019 at 02:46 PM

NWBC redirects to wrong client


Dear all,

we have the following strange behaviour on our 1809 FP2 embedded Fiori landscape:

when executing the Fiori App "Manage Internal Order" in client 300 (we have two clients in backend: 300 and 400) and we are trying to edit one of these orders we are receiving the error message that the order is not present in the system. When checking the F12 debugger in Chrome we see that the call is seemingly redirected to the other client 300 .. and in this client there are no orders.

But we are wondering why it is redirected although we are logged in into Fiori in client 400 ? I went through several notes now but without success, i also checked all affected services in SICF but now i dont have further ideas anymore ... Has it something to do with S4-RFCs ? ODATA-Services ? System-Aliases ?

Thanks for your help !