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Aug 27, 2019 at 08:50 PM

Autopopulate Manufacturer ID


Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has created a program to automatically determine Manufacturer ID? Did you find a home for MID in ECC and update BADI transfer of vendor data to pass to GTS to land in Business Partner SLLMID field? Or did you create a program in GTS that directly updated SLLMID? If so, how did you handle conversion? Or creation of new vendors? We are a global company with thousands of importers into all of our facilities. An automated program is required for conversion and for any new vendors that come on board in the future.

Secondly, MID is required 100% of time on import declaration. However, when a true "manufacturer" is required to pass as CUSMAN, the MID needs to be the CUSMAN MID rather than the CUSVKA MID. How did you handle this condition? Have you been able to get default rules to work for this type of condition?

Any experience you have with populating the correct MID field on the import declaration would be appreciated.