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Aug 27, 2019 at 03:57 PM

Instance XXX/XXX reached state UNKNOWN after having state STARTING S4HANA 1809 Installation




Hello Gurus,

We are currently in process of installing SAP S4HANA 1809 On Premise on RED HAT Enterprise Linux 7.6.

We already installed SAP HANA DATABASE (Platform 2.0) Version-SPS04 and its status is running (all green) in HANA Studio, please view attachments.

At the Step "Start Instance" system triggered an error stating as follows:

Instance XXX/XXX reached state UNKNOWN after having state STARTING-Giving Up....

All Database related processes were running successfully as shown in the image attached. Also our swap size is 128 gb, so i guess that shall not be an issue either.

I have NOT YET assigned any static ip to my Ethernet adapters (we are 2 ethernet adapters) in our motherboard, do we need to assign static ip to each of the ethernet adapter or just assigning to 1 ethernet adapter and assigning the same ip & hostname in /etc/hosts file is enough to get rid of this error message.

Hence request you to please guide me to resolve this issue.

Also hostname command at terminal, returns only the HOSTNAME only and not full hostname + domain name, so I guess that is correct configuration only.

Also some of the error logs I have attached, please view all attachments.

Need guidance here ASAP to resolve this issue and also I apologize for any inconvenience caused thereby.



error-1-min.jpg (1.0 MB)
error-20.jpg (493.0 kB)
hdbcmdout.txt (327.3 kB)
sapinst1.txt (486.6 kB)