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Aug 27, 2019 at 08:58 AM

No Transportation Lane from SubContracting Info-Record



Vendor exists in APO

Source - Dest Mat-Locs, incl. MRP Area Storage Location (a location type in APO) exists in APO.

Purchasing Info-Records are CIFd and I am able to see the precise inforecords and plant combinations that is on the way to APO. These plants have their corresponding MRP Area Storage Locations too.

CIF done (CFM1, 2, 9.. ) : no error

But the T-Lanes is created only for one product from among 5 expected. From Vendor as origin to MRP Area Loc Type (of one of the plants) as destination. The said T-lane shows the Info-Record number and Purch Org in T-Lane for only one product. Other products have simply not come in.

What could be the possible reasons ?