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Aug 22, 2019 at 01:26 PM

Include user field in extension point for payments


Hi all,

In the synchronization of payments from Customer Checkout to SAP Business One, we need to include a new user field (in this case, for testing purposes the field is called U_EntryBase); I have created a scenario that add this field; this scenario is associated to the extension point "sap.POS.POSTInvoice_Payments".

In order to test, I debug the scenario sap.POS.POSTB1Invoice (according the documentation "extension guide" this scenario is used to create de AR invoice + incoming payment) but the field is not filled in SAP B1 despite the field is present in the transformation.

Attached you will find some screenshots to show the situation.

What else can I do? maybe we need to do something more?

Transformation done in new scenario step

Scenario step associated in extension point

Debug of scenario sap.POS.POSTB1Invoice where transformation is done

No data in the field after execution


3-debug.png (53.7 kB)
4-sap-b1.png (101.1 kB)